Taupe Optic Glassware
Taupe Optic Glassware

Taupe Optic Glassware


Our Taupe Optic Glasses have an optical fluted texture with a Taupe hue to them. They give a classic and sophisticated look. Perfect for your formal or casual events. Pair perfect with elegant and minimal looks, and also colorful, fun table settings. Our Taupe Optic glassware features a unique, mesmerizing pattern that stands out and catches the eye. Each has design that reflects the light to showcase your favorite beverages. These glasses are ideal for serving sparkling wine and classic cocktails.

Come in 3 different size options:

10oz Glass, 7.5 oz Glass, and a stemless Glass.

Our Taupe Optic Glassware is available for wedding and party rentals in Los Angeles, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Ventura County and County of Santa Barbara.  Party and wedding rentals in Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Ojai, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Fernando Valley, Glendale, Napa and Joshua Tree.

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